Award: Winner
CATEGORY: Confectionery, New Zealand Iconic Brand, Most Trusted of all Brands Surveyed

FAMILY-OWNED WHITTAKER’S makes world-class chocolate from beans-to-bar right here in New Zealand, using only the finest ingredients. As founder James Henry Whittaker said, Whittaker’s believes that “best is always better”.

Alongside quality, Whittaker’s is also committed to making Good Honest Chocolate.

This includes sourcing from local suppliers where possible, supporting various causes and community initiatives, working towards fully sustainable packaging and actively seeking to ensure ingredients sourced from other parts of the world are ethically and sustainably produced. As part of this, Whittaker’s uses only Rainforest Alliance certified and fully traceable Ghanaian cocoa beans for all of its delicious range of chocolate, except for its speciality 70% cocoa Samoa 100g block. Whittaker’s is building direct relationships with its three Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa cooperatives in Ghana and has close relationships with its Samoan partner, which supports cocoa farmers and their communities. 

Whittaker’s Chief Marketing Officer, Soraya Cottin, says Chocolate Lovers are also key to its success. “We love feedback – it influences everything we do and their passion motivates us to keep striving to do better!”



"Down-to-earth, New Zealand brand true to word."


"Great taste, consistent through the years, highest quality."


"Good value for money. Superior quality."

FEMALE, 18-29
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