TOYOTA’S SIGNATURE CLASS BRAND plays an important part of both Toyota New Zealand and their dealer network’s business. Signature Class has been a part of the used vehicle scene since 1997, when Toyota New Zealand set up a programme to deliver used vehicles that buyers could trust and rely on. Today, the brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and trust and there are now more than 50,000 Signature Class vehicles on the road. An average of 2100 Signature Class vehicles are sold each year* after undergoing a thorough inspection and refurbishment at Toyota’s refurbishment facility based in Thames. Signature Class vehicles sold through Toyota’s dealer network are a mixture of New Zealand new and imported vehicles. All are hand-picked by Toyota buyers and go through the Thames refurbishment process, where a full safety check is carried out by the AA, a full-service check is undertaken with parts replaced as necessary, and any panel and paint touch ups as required. Their Thames refurbishment plant is ISO accredited, so all work is done to a high-quality standard, while ensuring the environmental impact of the plant is minimised.

A recent survey of Signature Class owners found a common theme: the cars are trusted because Toyota stands behind them. This brand responsibility extends to Signature Class advertising which has featured Toyota’s Thames staff for several years.

All Signature Class vehicles are sold with minimum three-year Toyota warranty, three years of AA roadside assistance and three years of Warrant of Fitness checks.

To increase the availability of lower emissions cars in New Zealand and support its target to reduce carbon emissions, Toyota sources high-quality used hybrid electric (HEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles from Japan for the Signature Class range. These Signature Class HEV and PHEV vehicles have the added security of five years warranty, AA Road service and WOF checks.

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*Over the last five years
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"Toyota makes sure their Signature Class cars are perfect before selling them."


"High standards. I would purchase in a heartbeat."


"Quality used cars. An excellent product at a great price."