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RECOGNISED AS NEW ZEALAND’S most trusted pet insurance brand, SPCA Pet Insurance is helping SPCA to make a real difference to thousands of animals in need.

As a trusted partner of SPCA, New Zealand’s oldest and largest animal welfare charity, SPCA Pet Insurance not only protects your favourite furry companion, it supports the great work SPCA does in helping vulnerable animals across the country.

SPCA Pet Insurance believes happy pets make happy owners. That’s why they want you to be able to say Yes to the best possible medical care for your cat or dog, without worrying about cost.

Their trusted pet insurance offers three different levels of cover for you to choose from, so depending on your needs and budget, you’ll feel good knowing up to 90% of eligible vets bills are covered^ in case your cat or dog stumbles into an unexpected mishap.

Plus, when you purchase a policy with SPCA Pet Insurance, you’re helping to bring hope to more than 31,000 neglected animals every year. To help start saying Yes to your pet more often, say Yes to SPCA Pet Insurance today.

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"Caring and trusted."


"A portion supports the trusted and needed SPCA."


"Offers the best deals especially if you have more than one animal."

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