Best Start

LAUNCHED IN 1935, SLEEPYHEAD continues to remain one of New Zealand’s most loved family companies. For 85 years, the Turner family has played an integral part in the business, treating staff like family, which is reflected in its brand values.

Longevity and livelihood seamlessly entwine at Sleepyhead, from customers who are still happy with their 20-year-old Sleepyhead bed to long-service staff who are celebrating 50 years with the business this year. This combined wealth of knowledge and experience shines through in Sleepyhead’s innovation, technology, craftsmanship and customer service. And overseas competition hasn’t hurt the company at all. In fact, it has actually strengthened Sleepyhead’s brand position, which is reflected in it being voted by New Zealanders as their Most Trusted Brand in beds for eight years running.

This year, Sleepyhead is taking further steps towards being gentler on the planet with the launch of more recyclable product ranges, designed to be transformed into flooring underlay at the end of their lifecycle. Aside from its environmental focus, Sleepyhead’s social impact is making its mark on the North Waikato region with the $1 billion planned development of a new manufacturing facility and affordable housing community in Ohinewai.


"Well-known NZ brand, great quality."


"We had a Sleepyhead bed when we first married 43 years ago, and now have another larger one! Neither of our beds has presented us with any problems. We love our Sleepyhead bed."