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EVER SINCE SOUTHERN CROSS TRAVEL INSURANCE (SCTI) was established in 1982, Kiwis have explored the world with confidence, knowing that SCTI is with them if anything unexpected happens.

To retain customers’ trust, the New Zealand-based travel insurer continually reviews its products to ensure they provide competitive and comprehensive benefits. Coupled with over 40 years of experience looking after New Zealand travellers, it’s no surprise SCTI is Aotearoa’s most trusted travel insurer.

Last year, SCTI received the coveted ITIJ International Travel Insurer of the Year award – the leading accolade for the global travel and health insurance industry. This award recognises a travel insurer that goes above and beyond to serve customers and drive positive change in the industry.

Since the pandemic, SCTI has translated most of their policy documents into Plain Language making them easier to understand, unveiled a chatbot to provide greater access to policy information, introduced new online experiences to enable self-service, and launched new products to support domestic travellers. 

“Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Our team is dedicated and hungry for innovation, but the one thing which really matters is the way they care for each other and, critically, for our customers,” says Jo McCauley, CEO.



"We've had excellent experiences with Southern Cross."


"Always had a great experience. Their claim experience was easy."


"Completely reliable. Very easy to submit a claim."

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