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PAK’nSAVE OPENED ITS FIRST STORE 38 years ago in Kaitaia. Now the brand has 57 locally owned and operated stores throughout New Zealand.

“At PAK’nSAVE, we never stop looking for ways to keep costs down and pass on the savings to our customers,” says Lauren Ness, Senior Marketing Manager.

“Everything we do, we do to save customers money – from no frills stores, buying in bulk and packing your own bags.”

And with its brand mascot, Stickman, there is no need for fancy advertising. More than just a loveable character, Stickman has been PAK’nSAVE’s spokesperson for more than 14 years and is a consistent reminder of the supermarket’s low prices. “We use him for our advertising because… well he’s cheap! Plus, he is a fan of low prices and is great with Dad jokes.”

It has been another tough year in New Zealand, but PAK’nSAVE has worked hard to keep prices low, and to get the best deals for customers. “We believe in healthy and affordable food for all. No exceptions! And we are thrilled to have the vote of our loyal customers again this year,” says Ms Ness.

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