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DILMAH WAS FOUNDED IN 1988 on family values and an uncompromising promise of taste, goodness and purpose.

More than anything, this family tea company believes in spreading kindness.

Dilmah respects nature by protecting the environment and growing only the finest ingredients. Dilmah provides staff with excellent working conditions, including school supplies for their children.

Consumers are respected the utmost by Dilmah, which remains faithful to supplying unblended teas in the traditional, authentic way.

“We uphold the highest standards and do not compromise quality to enhance profit, unlike some brands which have abandoned centuries’ old methods of making tea for a ‘fast track’ process that sacrifices the character and taste of REAL tea,” says Dilmah founder Merrill J. Fernando.

“We make the best tea in the world and are proud of it. Our tea is hand-picked and packed at source to lock in freshness. That’s the Dilmah difference.”

Dilmah also supports those who need a little kindness here in New Zealand by donating Dilmah teas to various charities, including Hospice, Ronald McDonald House and Cancer Society.

Dilmah continues to ‘Make the World a Better Tea’ and invites you to join it on this journey.


"Fantastic quality, great value, consistently good."


"Great tasting tea and made using ethical standards."


"My absolute favourite, full of flavour."

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