Award: Winner
Category: Cookies

NEW ZEALAND’S MOST TRUSTED cookies brand is not one to rest on its laurels. Known and loved for its iconic large cookies, it continues to innovate with special editions that put truth to its vision – a taste for every occasion, a smile on every face.

Fresh from the bakery, the Special-Edition Marshmallow Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie captures the essence of a S’mores experience, without the need for a campfire. Made with real dark chocolate and mini marshmallows, it’s the perfect example of Cookie Time’s homestyle approach – centred on real ingredients, batch baked in traditional rack ovens.

New in the freezer, the Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich is the latest flavour in Cookie Time’s successful expansion into this new treat category. The first two flavours (one plant-based) were instant bestsellers when launched last year. On the cards are new flavours on board Air New Zealand from August.

Guy Pope-Mayell, Co-Founder and Managing Director says, “The company is proud to be New Zealand’s most trusted cookies brand. This supports our passion for making quality homestyle cookies with the best real ingredients. And we love nothing more than innovating in that space, with flavours and formats that surprise and delight.”



"Favourite brand. Local. Good reputation."


"I love their cookies and they help the community."


"Made in NZ, uses ingredients like you would at home. Tasty."

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