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CADBURY HAS A RICH HISTORY in New Zealand, from the first bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate being created in 1930 to Cadbury’s proud role as the official chocolate sponsor of the New Zealand armed forces during World War II.

Creating delicious treats for New Zealanders has always been top priority which is why over the decades Cadbury has launched many much-loved Kiwi favourites, including Pinky, Moro, Moro Gold, Roses, Caramello and Buzz Bar, further embedding Cadbury into New Zealand’s rich and delicious heritage.

In 2019, the company extended its much-loved and high-quality Cadbury chocolate range into delicious biscuits, launching Fingers, Breakaway, and Freddo Biscuits and Cookies. The new line offers the great taste of Cadbury chocolate that consumers know and love in a whole new format.

“We work really hard to deliver Kiwis products that are new and exciting. With our Cadbury Biscuits, we are able to offer that signature taste and quality our consumers love in our Cadbury chocolate in a delicious biscuit,” says William Papesch, Cadbury New Zealand’s Marketing Manager. “They’re biscuits baked with Cadbury deliciousness.”

The company’s ambition is to continue to grow New Zealand’s love for its biscuits and launch new formats in this category, providing more opportunity for consumers to enjoy and share Cadbury’s much-loved signature taste on more occasions.


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