Award: Winner
Category: Hearing Services

BAY AUDIOLOGY IS PROUD to have earned the ‘Most Trusted Brand’ for the hearing services category for the fifth consecutive year. This recognition highlights their dedication to hearing care for New Zealanders.

Driven by the belief that no one should experience isolation from the world due to the challenges of hearing loss, Bay Audiology’s nationwide team goes the extra mile to create personal connections with their clients. Their commitment to improving lives extends to providing ongoing care and support throughout the clients’ entire hearing journey, going beyond the purchase of hearing aids. Bay Audiology offers unparalleled support with services like AfterCare Plus, which provides service and advice for the life of your device.

Drop in any time to experience expert support from a Bay Audiology team member and receive complimentary services such as free clean-and-checks to ensure your hearing aids continue to perform at their best. Plus enjoy the benefit of complimentary hearing aid adjustments with a clinician if required. Bay Audiology are dedicated to helping New Zealanders rediscover the joy of hearing, and their team stands ready to support you on your unique hearing journey.



"They are my audiologist and I have found them to be absolutely wonderful."


"They have helped me so much with my hearing."


"I found them to provide good service and quality treatment."

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