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Category: Car Rental Companies

COMMITMENT TO QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE has been embedded into the Avis culture since it was founded in 1946. Today, Avis continually works towards streamlining and expediting the rental process. Digital technology has been key in this area of focus, with recent introductions that include:

Avis PreCheck™, which shortens time at the counter by giving customers the choice to jump online and add their driver’s licence details and payment methods to reservations ahead of vehicle pick-up;

Avis PhotoProofed™, a market-leading technology which captures photos of the vehicle’s existing condition before the customer arrives; and

The Avis App, which makes managing bookings more streamlined by allowing customers to control the car rental process on their smartphone.

As the automotive industry evolves, Avis is at the forefront of integrating Electric Vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles into its car rental fleet. This move is driven by its determination to move the future of mobility forward by increasing sustainable practices. Avis’s focus remains on delivering exceptional service that aligns with customers’ expectations for quality, efficiency and a drive as smooth as the service.



"A trusted company that looks after their customers."


"They have never let me down."


"Oldie but a goodie."

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