AS A GLOBAL COMPANY, Bosch prides itself on innovation, safety and high-quality tools with the latest technology. Winning the most Trusted Brand in DIY Power Tools for the past eight years and counting, Bosch has had a proud presence in New Zealand since 1907.

The slogan ‘Invented for life’ is the motivation that drives the company. With the continuous development of new products and innovations that help DIYers be inspired and get creative, Bosch DIY Power Tools continues to build customer relationships both in store and online.

Regardless if the project is big or small, Bosch has a product right for the job, such as the innovative range of NanoBlade saws. A stand-out in the marketplace, the NanoBlade is part micro chainsaw and part jigsaw. Designed for free-hand and plunge cuts, the NanoBlade has over 40 patents, is 100% maintenance free, and is easy to control due to its low-vibration.

Another cutting-edge piece of equipment is the cordless AdvancedCut 18V. The compact, all-purpose saw is suitable for both indoor and outdoor jobs, and can be used for pruning tree branches or straight cuts in wood and plastics up to 65 mm.

As with all Bosch DIY Power Tools, including the range coming out this year, Bosch backs its quality tools with a three-year extended warranty.

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"Reliable brand with great quality products that I know will give good service over many years."


"Have tools and are great, easy to use and reliable."


"Reputable and very wellestablished ..."