Yamaha Marine

OPERATING IN NEW ZEALAND for more than 30 years, and with a global reputation for reliability, quality and durability, Yamaha builds outboards that its customers can trust in the water.

With its spirit of challenge as the driving force, Yamaha continues to revolutionise the marine engine industry in areas of engine technology. Defined by features such as high-quality and highperformance, Yamaha endeavours to create value through all its products and services.

This year, Yamaha is launching Helm Master – a fully integrated boat control system used on multi-rig boats. Control is now as simple as a small movement of a joystick, while ‘Set Point’ allows for various positioning modes, integrating with the boat’s GPS system.

In 2018, Yamaha released the XTO Offshore to the market – a massive 425HP 5.6L V8 four-stroke outboard. Not only is this the single largest engine in the Yamaha range, it is the first generation of integrated power and steering systems. The XTO combines stylish looks, integrated systems and extreme power delivery.

With solid performance and utter reliability, it is little wonder that New Zealanders vote Yamaha as No. 1 in the Marine Engine category year after year.


"The family boat has a Yamaha twin engine. Very reliable. Personal experience is a 10/10."


"Proven and tested."


"My cousin had a Yamaha 225 HP 4 stroke. Brilliant motor, good fuel economy, plenty of power and very reliable."