PAK’nSAVE OPENED ITS FIRST STORE IN KAITAIA 37 years ago and now has 57 stores in communities throughout New Zealand – all proudly locally owned and operated.

PAK’nSAVE’s policy is to provide New Zealanders with the lowest food prices in the country, so the brand never stops looking for ways it can keep costs down and pass those savings onto customers. “Everything PAK’nSAVE does, it does to save customers’ money – from no frill’s stores and buying in bulk to customers packing their own bags and no fancy advertising,” says Lauren Ness, Senior Marketing Manager. That is why PAK’nSAVE has used Stickman as its spokesperson for the past 12 years. Not because he is tall and handsome, nor is he related to any bigwigs in the company, but because he is cheap! Plus, he is a fan of low prices and is great with Dad jokes.

“There is no supermarket that is more honest and reliable,” says Ms Ness. “PAK’nSAVE is an honest brand and we work hard to get the best deals for our customers. We believe in healthy and affordable food for all. No exceptions! And we’re thrilled to have New Zealanders’ vote.”

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"Can’t beat the price."


"Kiwi supermarket chain which I’ve been using for over 10 years as a satisfied customer."


"Huge variety of quality products at unbeatable prices."