"Pets have the power to transform our lives and nutrition has the power to change theirs."

Giving every animal the best care humanly possible is something Hill’s Pet Nutrition is passionate about. They believe that daily nutrition is the single most important thing a pet owner can do to enrich and lengthen the special relationship they have with their pets.

Inspired by a guide dog, science has driven the creation of Hill’s diets since 1939. Today they have the combined expertise of over 220 vets, scientists and pet nutritionists helping craft diets so we know what dogs and cats need to live a long and healthy life.

Hill’s provides foods that are carefully formulated to meet the needs of every stage of a pet’s life. They also tailor their dog foods to meet the different nutritional needs of large and small breed dogs. Hill’s diets are made with an optimal selection of ingredients and nutrients that work with a pet’s biology. Whether it's the developmental needs of puppies, fuelling adult dogs in the prime of their life or supporting them into their senior years, Hill’s Science Diet foods are made for every stage of a healthy pet’s life.

Hill’s approach to nutrition makes it clear that the company is much more than merely a pet food manufacturer.

“We love animals and work diligently to make a difference in their lives,” says Hill’s. “We firmly believe that the right pet nutrition is vital to pets living long, healthy lives.”

For more information, visit www.hillspet.co.nz.


"Great scientific food."

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"Great reputation as one of the leaders."

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"Recommended by vets"

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