G.J. GARDNER started as a building company in 1983 based on the principles of uncompromising quality and value.

In 1997, G.J. Gardner Homes entered the New Zealand market, determined to become revered for its dependability of delivering great homes. With Managing Director Grant Porteous at the helm, his vision for the company was to operate by the ‘oldfashioned’ values he learnt from his grandfather’s Hawkes Bay building company – ie value, integrity and to uphold the commitment you make on a handshake. The business has since gone from strength to strength as result of this decision.

GJ’s biggest priority when working with the customer is to deliver a great home and an enjoyable building journey. In fact, as an organisation it even measures its success by how likely its customers are to recommend GJ’s to their families and friends. The home builder provides a wide range of training across its organisation that focuses on understanding customer needs and improving the experience, such as its ‘Think Like A Customer’ workshops for staff.

But the customer experience is not the only thing G.J. Gardner aims to constantly improve upon. This year it is focusing on increasing build efficiency by refining its building sustainability through cost and design engineering and supplier relationships, with the firm aim of producing better value homes for its customers.


"Know people with G.J. Gardner homes who had excellent things to say."


"A NZ company with a great range of home designs and subdivision sites."


"Family orientated with a passion for building homes."