ESTABLISHED IN 1960 by a group of ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialists, Dilworth Hearing now has 21 clinics across the country to ensure more Kiwis can access its full range of audiology services. Sixty years since starting out, Dilworth Hearing continues to deliver the highest quality care to patients, using the latest technological advances in hearing equipment.

To ensure patients receive consistently high-quality outcomes, Dilworth Hearing provides staff with ongoing clinical development and customer support training. It hires the very best clinicians and support teams, and works closely with medical professionals, such as GPs and ENTs. This year it plans to provide GPs with innovative tools to help them upskill in hearing-related matters. Dilworth Hearing will also be presenting once again at GP conferences this year to share its expertise with the medical community, whom are often the first professionals that patients seek out for health and wellbeing advice.

Delivering hearing services to children as young as six months through to seniors, Dilworth Hearing delivers a personalised approach to patient care. Through comprehensive hearing assessments, taking the time to understand specific hearing needs and lifestyles, Dilworth Hearing offers 100% money-back guarantee on all hearing aids purchased to ensure patients are confident and satisfied in their hearing solution, and further details are on its website.


"You are treated with respect. Very helpful in assisting with hearing and advice."


"Great technology and service."


"They were excellent to work with when I needed hearing aids."