DETTOL RECOGNISES THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD HYGIENE and the role it plays in helping prevent against germs. Dettol has been used by New Zealanders for over 80 years and families have relied on its disinfectant properties around their home. Over the years, Dettol has stayed true to its heritage and continues to this day to focus on delivering better products as well as hygiene education to help parents with everyday hygiene habits. With its extensive product range, Dettol ensures that families can remain clean, hygienic and protected from germs. This dedication to provide trustworthy and innovative cleaning solutions has made Dettol a Trusted Brand for 20 consecutive years.

Dettol recognises the amazing work done by Plunket, the largest Well Child Tamariki Ora service provider in Aotearoa, and is extremely proud to have been partners with the charity for over a decade, during which time it has donated over NZ$1 million. In addition to the supplies Dettol provides to Plunket staff and families, last year Dettol donated 80,000 packs of Instant Hand Sanitiser to them.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

"My top brand for cleaning products, and love that it kills 99% of germs."


"The brand has been around all my life and never failed me."


"Can remember the smell from childhood; it smells of cleanliness!"