TRUST ISN’T SOMETHING YOU CAN BUY OR SELL – trust is something that is earned over time. Robert Bosch understood this and built his company on the principle that he would ‘rather lose money than trust’.

Winning the highly commended award is evidence that Bosch’s garden power tools have built a strong reputation for quality, innovation and reliability with New Zealanders.

For many people, the garden is a place to relax and unwind. Bosch wants to inspire New Zealanders to feel proud of their garden. That’s why the company is dedicated to taking its garden power tool range to the next level. With its continuous launch of new and innovative products, such as the Keo Garden Saw and EasyPrune Powered Secateur, you no longer have to get sore hands doing the gardening jobs you love.

The EasyPrune, the world’s first power-assisted cordless secateurs, is a compact 3.6V tool which provides a clean cut with little effort. Cutting branches up to 25mm in diameter with just one hand is a breeze. EasyPrune is an amazing innovation particularly for those who love their gardening but struggle with joint pain.

Bosch is making it easier to follow your passion. As their slogan says its: “Invented for Life”.

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"Bosch has set the standard in the market."


"All my power tools are Bosch. Bought over 10 years ago and still going strong."


"The Bosch tools I use just keep going."