LEVERAGING OFF ITS INNOVATION STRENGTHS in the automotive, consumer goods, and building and energy technology, Bosch has had a presence in New Zealand since 1907. Launching seven new patents a day globally, the key drivers for Bosch are quality, energy efficiency, reliability, innovation and fascinating products.

The Bosch slogan 'invented for life' is the motivation that drives the company when engineering a new product, such as the innovative range of NanoBlade saws. Part micro chainsaw and part jigsaw, the NanoBlade was engineered with no less than 40 patents incorporated into its design.

Designed for free-hand and plunge cuts, the saw is easy to control due to its low vibration. It is also 100% maintenance free – no lubrication is required and the self-tensioning function allows for quick blade changes due to its SDS (slotted drive system) blade interface. Available as both a cordless and corded tool, it allows Kiwis to plunge cut without the need to pre-drill or use of a jigsaw.

As New Zealand’s most trusted power tool brand, Bosch has partnered with TV show The Block where you will see this innovation being put to the test. As always, go to Bosch’s website or social media channels for new product news and home projects you can try yourself.

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