Founder J.H. Whittaker

CHOCOLATE HAS BEEN A PASSION for the Whittaker family since J.H. Whittaker made his first bar in 1896. Four generations and 125 years later, the family continues to live by the belief that best is always better. That’s why they insist on using only the finest ingredients, the very best methods, and the most precise machinery for their beans-to-bar chocolate – and they’re committed to doing it in their one and only factory in Porirua, New Zealand.

“Our relentless quest for perfection has allowed us to consistently craft New Zealand’s finest chocolate,” says fourth-generation chocolate-maker Holly Whittaker. “We are committed to making worldclass chocolate, and that means never compromising on quality, taste or size. We are also committed to supporting our wonderful staff, sourcing ethical and sustainable ingredients, and following best practice in manufacturing.”

For years Whittaker’s has focused on making ‘Good Honest Chocolate’. The year ahead is no different for the family-owned-and-run business. Whittaker’s continues to support iconic Kiwi charities, invest in facility advancements, work towards its goal of 100% sustainable packaging by 2025 with its recently launched compostable Peanut Slab wrapper trial, and strives to nurture direct relationships with cocoa farmers and their communities.

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"Doesn’t compromise on the quality or size."


"Brilliant flavours. Always premium and uses best ingredients!"

MALE, 30-49, OTAGO

"New Zealand owned and operated."