Villa maria

FOUNDED BY GEORGE FISTONICH in 1961 at a time when the New Zealand wine industry was virtually non-existent, Villa Maria has since expanded to become a global brand.

Villa Maria has remained a private, family-owned business till this day, which has afforded it the luxury of pursuing an uncompromising approach to quality and sustainability. This in turn has brought the company its own rewards: Villa Maria continues to be recognised by wine lovers right across New Zealand and is the country's most awarded winery brand.

Sustainability underpins everything that Villa Maria does, from viticultural and winemaking processes through to packaging. The desire to leave something for the next generation is an ever-present and overriding business objective. The company's 'Live Fully, Tread Lightly' ethos balances purpose with pleasure and lays a path for continuous improvement. Villa Maria is aiming for zero waste to landfill and a 50% reduction in emissions by 2025, plus 100% of Villa Maria's-owned vineyards to be organically managed by 2030, setting the path for Villa Maria's next generation of wines.


"It is a longestablished producer that has the edge on the others. Very good products produced consistently."


"Consistent quality, reasonably priced. Never been disappointed."