Best Start

FROM FIRST BIG KIDS’ BEDS through to adulthood, Kiwis have grown up with Sleepyhead. Starting back in 1935, when Sidney Turner made his first Sleepyhead bed in an Auckland shed, the family business continues to remain one of New Zealand’s best-loved companies. For Sleepyhead, creating, finessing and perfecting its product has seen a mattress evolution born from 85 years of valuable experience. "We look at sleep in a holistic way – live well, sleep well," says Sleepyhead owner Graeme Turner.

Longevity and livelihood seamlessly entwine at Sleepyhead, from customers who are still happy with their 20-year-old Sleepyhead bed to long-service staff who joined the company before Robert Muldoon came to power. The wealth of knowledge and experience inside Sleepyhead shines through in its innovation, technology, craftsmanship and customer service.

This year, Sleepyhead is reducing its environmental footprint with the launch of Project Zero and a bed designed to be recycled into flooring underlay at the end of its life. Designers are also incorporating more natural and sustainable materials into its beds, such as natural latex and New Zealand wool.


"I have been sleeping on a Sleepyhead bed for many years and it still looks and feels like a new bed."


"My bed is a Sleepyhead and it’s amazing. Have had plenty of brands in the past ... but there’s something about this one that makes it better."