PASSIONATE ABOUT DELIVERING THE VERY BEST FLOORING PRODUCTS that are both extremely durable as well as soft and stylish sums up the Rhino brand ethos.

Extreme durability is so important that in 2010 Rhino put its carpet to the test with none other than a real live rhino! Laid in the rhino enclosure at a US zoo, the carpet was lived on for two weeks before being pulled up and cleaned. The carpet came up looking like new.

To test its new generation carpet, Rhino recreated the original test, this time a little closer to home. Thirty energetic and boisterous players from the Stokes Valley Junior Rhino’s Rugby Club from Lower Hutt, Wellington, did the honours. With mud, grass, drink spills, mustard and tomato sauce stomped into the carpet laid specially in their changing rooms for the test, the carpet once again cleaned up like new

Rhino understands its carpets will be in your home for a very long time, and has been continually perfecting the look, feel and technology to ensure that customers’ needs and concerns are met. Customers fall in love with the softness and style but know that it is still long-lasting and families with kids and pets not only love Rhino’s extreme durability but its lifetime warranty. And Rhino loves the fact that customers love their carpets so much, they can’t wait to tell their friends.


"A truly superior, high-quality product with an outstanding reputationHave family who have this carpet and they love it. Reputation for hardwearing."


"It’s one you hear a lot about online. Been around for a while and know people who have used the brand and really liked it."