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A household name for more than 30 years, LISA’S is New Zealand’s original and favourite hummus brand.

The first batches of LISA’S Hummus were made fresh from Lisa’s kitchen, with little capital and a lot of courage. The Mediterranean dip was largely unheard of in New Zealand back then, and Lisa sold her tubs of hummus, labelled with a blue felt-tip pen, out of her garage until a West Auckland supermarket discovered the delicious dip and requested to stock it. From there a Kiwi icon was born.

Since then, LISA’S has made fresh delicious hummus and dips for everyone to enjoy. Still using only the best quality ingredients, as its namesake did more than 30 years ago, LISA’S makes fresh batches of hummus and dips daily and now offers a wide range of delicious flavours, while staying true to the original recipes. Some include: Feta & Baby Spinach Dip; Kumara, Coconut & Turmeric Hummus; Beetroot With Roasted Cashews Hummus; and Smokey Hummus.

“We don’t sell our hummus from a garage anymore, but we do have Lisa’s name written in blue on our labels, to remind us of where it all started,” says Mark Roper, International Marketing Manager for Life Health Foods.

Need a little inspiration? Head to LISA’S website for platter ideas and some easy recipes ideas.

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"My first choice when it comes to hummus because it is made from real and natural ingredients."

Female, 30-39, Northland

"Love this brand. Lots of different types of dips and reasonably priced too. Have recommended them to friends and family members."

Female, 40-49, Manawatu-Wanganui

"Such a good brand. Well known. I’ve been buying this for years."

Female, 30-39, Waikato