HRV SELLS SOMETHING YOU CAN’T SEE OR TOUCH. It’s a feeling, and makes all the difference to the Kiwi homeowners who’ve trusted the brand since 2003. The feeling is coming home to a drier, healthier home.

HRV home ventilation was created to solve a problem many families face: damp, unhealthy homes. Everyday activities, such as cooking, washing, showering and even breathing all contribute to the moisture content of your home. And if that home is unventilated, the moisture has nowhere to go so it permeates walls, furnishings and even the clothes in your cupboards, often resulting in mould. HRV helps create healthier homes by taking drier air from your roof space, filtering it, then delivering it to your living areas. Damp, stale air is pushed out, leaving your home filled with fresher, drier, filtered air.

New Zealand-made filter technology:The filter in your HRV home ventilation system has been carefully customised using the world’s finest air filtration medium, FilterLayrTM. This electrospun nanofibre traps and neutralises even the smallest airborne particles, while still allowing excellent airflow rates. FilterLayrTM purifies the air entering your home, reducing dust, pollen, mould spores and other common allergens from the air your family breathes.

Genuine HRV filters have been designed and manufactured to HRV’s high specifications to deliver maximum filtration performance from your system. And the good news that the technology is supported by a team of experienced technicians you can call on to service your ventilation system, and change your filter to keep it working optimally.

HRV is committed to helping every Kiwi family love the feeling of coming home.

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"We had HRV installed over 12 years ago and believe it is a necessity in every household."


"Love HRV! Does exactly what it says on the box.”"


"Very good product for moisture, fresh air, and air circulation."

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