Best Start

THE HEARING SPECIALISTS at Bay Audiology are passionate about improving lives through hearing solutions. They believe that no one should have to feel excluded from the world due to the impacts of hearing loss. It was this commitment that drove them to launch the Free To Hear programme in 2015, providing hearing solutions for those experiencing financial hardships. Since the programme began, Bay Audiology has helped many Kiwis take that first step towards better hearing by providing starter hearing aids to those in financial difficulties. This year, Bay Audiology expanded the programme and is now providing even more people with the joy of better hearing.

Bay Audiology teams across the country deliver excellent service, going the extra mile for clients, and supporting their local communities with their hearing needs. Clinics are often a key fixture in local communities and strong and personal relationships have developed between Bay Audiology teams and their clients. This is because adopting a hearing solution is not just about getting hearing aids; it is about the ongoing care and support that you get throughout your hearing journey.


"They are wonderful.They have given me a new life."


"They are supportive and listen to our hearing issues."


"Great service, reliable and a variety of products."