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In a medical emergency, New Zealanders turn to St John, the country’s largest primary care provider.

St John

Responding to over 450,000 emergency calls a year, St John provides emergency ambulance services to nearly 90% of New Zealanders. In 2014/15, St John ambulances travelled nearly 20 million kilometres to bring help to Kiwis in need.

More than just a vital emergency service, St John is an essential part of everyday life, providing medical services at community events, first-aid training courses and affordable first-aid kits and supplies.

St John Medical Alarms keep seniors and people living with disabilities independent, and a new partnership with a community care provider is doing the same for people living at home with dementia.

St John in Schools teaches pre-school and primary school children to be confident and capable in an emergency.

For over a century, St John has responded to people in need without prejudice and with skill and empathy.


Female, 18-24, Auckland

“They do fantastic work; wide variety of initiatives (St John Youth, medic alert, ambulances); deliver fantastic services yet they are a charity.”

Male, 40-44, Northland

“Because St John is always there when you need them.”