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Back in 1946, Ted Nightingale had a dilemma. He had a concrete building and needed an alkali-resistant paint to cover it – but thanks to post-War shortages, there was nothing available.


But rather than let this get him down, he showed some typical Kiwi ingenuity and decided to give it a go himself. A trusty old concrete mixer in his garage was called into service and his paint worked a treat. Pretty soon it was in demand from other builders, too.

Thus Resene (a brand name derived from the paint’s main ingredient, resin) was born. Since those early backyard beginnings, Resene has grown into the country’s largest privately owned decorative paint company. It’s still New Zealand owned and operated, with manufacturing operations in Wellington, Tauranga, Fiji and Australia. It’s a truly colourful story.

Increasingly, sophisticated New Zealand consumers require even greater sophistication from paint manufacturers. With over half a century of experience, and three generations of the Nightingale family at its helm, Resene has proven a big point – it has New Zealanders’ trust.

Resene’s products continue to be marked by innovation, ingenuity and top quality.

The company has developed a range of paint and specialist coating products for residential and commercial buildings, as well as marine, heavy industrial and automotive use. Many of these products have been developed as a creative answer to a client’s problem, setting new standards for other manufacturers in the process. All are the result of intensive laboratory research, combined with real-world testing.

For years, Resene paint has been recognised as world class. Resene paint and colour technology is exported around the world, and its chemists are internationally respected for their development of superior products.

Not bad for something that began with a little Kiwi ingenuity, eh?


Female, 18-24, Auckland

“Great staff, great products, trustworthy brand.”

Male, 65-69, Auckland

“Excellent quality, does what the label says.”

Male, 60-64, Manawatuwanganui

“Have used this brand a few times and impressed with the range of paint and colours. Always great quality.”

Male, 55-59, Canterbury

“Always works well, great coverage and long wearing.”