Category: Cleaning Products
Award level: Winner


As a long-time leader in the fields of health and hygiene, Dettol has a clear commitment to supporting New Zealanders to help raise healthy families and communities. Trusted protection against germs, Dettol has a firm place in Kiwi hearts because of its professionalism, clear set of values, and the reassurance from generations of mums using and recommending its products.

Dettol’s strong focus on innovation means it is constantly launching new products to meet the changing demands of Kiwi families’ lifestyles and provide better disinfection solutions through its quality products.

This year Dettol is focusing on education and supporting local communities. Its partnership with Plunket is now in its eighth year and its Healthy Habits School Program is an initiative to help teach healthy hygiene and correct handwashing techniques to primary school kids of all ages.


Female, 40-44, Canterbury

“Dettol is an old and trusted name. I trust their products to help keep my environment hygienic.”

Female, 25-29, Wellington

“It’s a hygienic product and it smells good!”

Female, 25-29, Auckland

“We use this brand every day in our house from laundry to cleaning.”