Villa Maria

QUALITY, INNOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY are the core values of this family-owned winery. For 50 years, Villa Maria’s commitment to quality ensures that it creates wine that consumers can trust to deliver a great experience. As New Zealand’s most awarded winery for 38 consecutive years, Villa Maria’s success is built on quality but they also look after the community. From cadetships for local youth, to sponsorship of the arts and cultural groups, Villa Maria’s philanthropy creates opportunities for New Zealanders. “As a family company, the desire to leave something for the next generation is ever-present,” says Sir George Fistonich, Villa Maria owner and founder.

That desire is reflected in Villa Maria’s commitment to the environment. Initiatives include lighter weight bottles and energy efficiency measures that have resulted in reduced carbon emissions of 31% per bottle since 2009. Its values are important to it and that’s why they have become the focal point of its new campaign platform ‘Open Another World™’. Villa Maria loves sharing with consumers what makes them unique and their commitment to making exceptional quality wine for every occasion.

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"I have been to Villa Maria, sampled their wine, bought their wine, and never had a bad bottle so I trust that when I buy it, it will be good."


"My favourite vineyard, makes superb, consistent reserve wines."


"Local. A good product that I like."