AS ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST LOVED and trusted skin care brands, NIVEA has been offering women and men effective skin care solutions for more than 100 years. Its products cleanse, nourish and protect skin while giving it gentle yet effective care that keeps skin smooth, supple and radiantly beautiful.

NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age is specifically designed to work at the cellular level to stimulate facial surface skin cells to produce more hyaluron, which is lost as you age. It visibly reduces wrinkles, firms skin and improves skin renewal, giving you younger-looking skin.

As we age, facial skin becomes less firm and starts losing its contours, and NIVEA knows consumers wish to counteract these signs of ageing to retain a youthful look. Cellular Pearls is a highly-effective anti-age format where pearls dissolve into a nourishing, freshly activated serum as you apply the product. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen Booster and Creatine, which stimulate surface skin cell renewal for fuller, firmer and more youthful-looking skin. The pearls delivery system also allows for increased dermal absorption into the skin.

NIVEA is committed to constantly innovating and improving its products to meet consumers’ evolving needs, and uses extensive research to understand their thoughts and feelings about its products.

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"Products do what they say - tried and tested."

FEMALE, 45-49, NSW

"I have used NIVEA products for a long time and find they are consistently high quality."

FEMALE, 65-69, QLD

"Good quality,suits my skin as I have very sensitive skin."

FEMALE, 70-74, VIC