WE BRING THEM INTO OUR HOMES, we rely on them to kill germs and we trust them to protect our families. For more than 80 years, Dettol products have been reliable and effective partners in New Zealand homes, giving consumers the confidence that they can protect themselves and those close to them.

Since it was launched, Dettol has been a leader in germ protection, safeguarding the health of families around the world. The brand is dedicated to researching consumer needs, allowing it to constantly innovate and give customers what they want.

Many Kiwis have grown up with Dettol not only in their homes, but in their schools. The brand provides a Healthy Habits programme to participating schools across New Zealand, helping young students create healthy habits for life. A partner of Plunket for ten years, Dettol also plans to promote the importance of germ protection and raise awareness for the organisation through launching an exclusive promotion in New World supermarkets in May.

With its extensive, safe-to-use product range, Dettol ensures that families can remain clean, healthy and germ-free. This dedication to provide trustworthy and innovative cleaning solutions has made Dettol a Trusted Brand for 17 consecutive years.

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"They’ve been around forever, so they must be doing something right."


"This is the brand I use the most, and I know it works."


"Well-known brand, always good-quality products."