Cavalier Bremworth

THE CAVALIER BREMWORTH NAME IS SYNONYMOUS with carpets that are as beautiful as they are innovative. Cavalier Bremworth’s iconic history began in 1959 when Doug Bremner opened a small factory in South Auckland. With plans to establish a company that would deliver the most luxurious and highest quality carpets, even he could never have predicted how much it would grow. Cavalier Bremworth became the first carpet company in the world to gain an internationally recognised eco-label across its entire wool carpet range.

While Cavalier Bremworth has been responsible for producing the country’s finest carpets for decades, its main focus is now on inspiring consumers to add a little luxury to their lives with its innovative New Zealand-made carpets. These carpets not only add a sense of warmth to any space, they are also easy to clean and maintain.

The company’s commitment to quality and unwavering reliability mean that when customers buy a Cavalier Bremworth carpet, they know it will perform. This is the fifth year running that Cavalier Bremworth has won the title of being New Zealand’s most trusted carpet brand.

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"I work in the building industry and they have the best product, service and aftercare."


"The quality is great and long lasting, first carpet company to get an eco label across its range of wool."


"Great carpets and great company with excellent customer service."